Colorado Springs Real Estate Answers: Why Didn’t My House Sell? Part Two: Condition

Welcome to part two in the series: Why Didn’t My House Sell?

This article will deal with a very important reason why a home does not sell in today’s Colorado Springs real estate market.

Homes for sale in Colorado Springs do not sell with the first agent that lists it, in many cases. So we have set up this series of articles to answer the common question: “Why didn’t my house sell?”

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Reason #2: CONDITION

Luckily, this is another factor (like price) that you, the home seller can control. For a home to sell in today’s Colorado Springs housing market, it must be in the best condition possible.

For your home to sell in the current housing market, your home must be either:

a.)    The NICEST home on the market for the same asking price as your competition, or
b.)    The same condition as your competition asking LESS than your competition.

As you can see, price comes into play, even with this reason. Price WILL fix a condition problem, but usually at a hit to the homeowner. It is better to have your home in the best condition possible, to attract the highest offer possible.

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Another way to have your home in the best condition possible is to hire a professional stager. We work closely with a professional stager, and offer her advice and services to each seller that we work with. It is amazing at the difference a little staging can make.

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How can you tell if CONDITION was the reason your home didn’t sell?

If you had a fair amount of showings, but no offers or if you DID get an offer, but it was a low-ball one then condition was probably the culprit. If your listing agent followed up with agents who showed your home, they should have relayed the feedback to you, which would have included remarks on the condition of your home. Sometimes it takes an outside, objective opinion to understand the impact that condition has on a home sale.

So, if you find that the condition of your home was the reason it didn’t sell, you are in luck! Changing the condition of your house is one of the easiest, and least expensive ways to get your home to sell.

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