Colorado Springs Foreclosures: Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008 – Questions and Answers

President Bush recently (7/30/08) signed a new piece of legislation designed to “steer as many as 400,000 struggling homeowners away from foreclosure.” has a great article on some of the frequently asked questions and answers regarding this report. Some of the questions include:

  • What exactly will the legislation do?
  • Who is eligible?
  • When does the program start?
  • Since lenders can pick and choose which loans to refinance, how can consumers determine if theirs will be selected?
  • Is there anything a homeowner can do to improve chances of benefiting from the program, such as crunching numbers to make a case for the bank?
  • What happens if I’m able to sell my home after I refinance? (<- Very interesting answer…)

Find out all the answers here: Will the housing-rescue law help you? –Legislation aims to help more borrowers avoid foreclosure

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