Manitou Springs Homes: The Haunted Briarhurst Manor on Ghost Hunters LIVE This Halloween

What is your favorite haunted location? On Friday, October 31, you will have a chance to vote. After thousands of entries, our own Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs, CO has been picked as one of three finalists on Sci Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters.  If it wins, TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), will come out to Colorado and investigate our historical location. Tammila Wright, Keller Williams real estate agent and resident of Manitou Springs, submitted the location and will appear on the Ghost Hunter’s LIVE event at Fort Delaware on Friday night where you will be able to vote by text message or online during the 7 hour long event which starts at 5pm MST.

“After spending so much time in the Briarhurst Manor and experiencing unexplained occurrences, they knew it would be a good candidate for “The Great American Ghost Hunt” contest. ‘I had heard stories all my life and then I was experiencing things for myself'”Erick Wright

Check out the Haunted Briarhurst website

Tammila and her husband, Erick, have very intimate knowledge of the Briarhurst as generations of their families have lived in the area. Tammila was recently interviewed by Pilgrim Films for the segment on Friday and stated that:

“We are History Geeks that don’t mind exploiting the “night” life of a property to get visitors interested in its history. It truly helps when the place is truly haunted like the Big “B”. – Tammila Wright

The interview will talk a little about the history of the Briarhurst and the unusual occurrences that made it a finalist. She has set up a website, Haunted Briarhurst, for more information about the historic building.

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Do you want to own a bit of Manitou Springs history and a reported haunted landmark? You can!

The Briarhurst Manor is For Sale for a mere $7mil!

Tammila is the head of our Keller Williams Hope Commercial Division and is the listing agent for the property.  She isn’t worried about the “haunted house” reports hurting the sale of the property, in fact, it might help. TAPS has also investigated the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park several times and because of them and other ghost hunting teams, their hotel remains full most of the year and their business has tripled.

Read about the History of the Briarhurst Manor

Looking to buy a Historic Home in Manitou Springs, but can’t afford the Briarhurst Manor?

There are many other properties in Manitou Springs for sale. The Wagner iTeam has two properties for sale in downtown Manitou. Tammila is co-listing with us on a Manitou Springs historic Victorian 4,700sq home at 102 Navajo Ave which has been used as Bed and Breakfast (The Keepsake Inn).

We also have another great home for sale in Manitou Springs at 833 Shoshone Pl which has that Manitou charm, but with modern conveniences and gorgeous views! Both are conveniently located just blocks off Manitou Ave.

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Make Sure You Check Out and VOTE FOR the Briarhurst Manor on
“Ghost Hunters Live” Event on the Sci-Fi Channel at 5pm this Halloween!

WATCH THE Sci-Fi Briarhurst VIDEO

This article was written by:
Kristen Senn – Wagner iTeam Military Relocation Specialist and Listing Manager

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