Things to Do – Break the Law by Hiking Manitou Incline

I will neither confirm nor deny our actions, the other day…

But here are some pictures from our trip to the Manitou Incline. However, before I continue, here are some info on the Manitou Incline:

  • The Manitou Incline used to be a railroad track. The rails are no longer there, but most of the ties are still in place.
  • The average grade is about 40%, and the steepest grade is 68%!
  • The complete hike is 1 mile long and ascends over 2,000 feet in altitude.
  • The first 1/4 of the incline is owned by the City of Colorado Springs and the last 1/4 is owned by the Forest Service.
  • The middle section is PRIVATE PROPERTY and to cross the signs and continue the hike is TRESPASSING … and  ILLEGAL.
  • Regardless of this fact, DROVES of people (athletes and non-athlete’s alike) trek up the Manitou Incline every clear day.

Read More: About the Manitou Springs Incline

For as steep as the incline is, the hike TO the incline (from the parking lot – or where we parked …. further down Ruxton Avenue) is QUITE the workout as well.

Okay … Onto the Pictures: