Top 6 Neighborhoods Near Fort Carson

Are you relocating to Colorado Springs because of a PCS to Fort Carson? We work with many military families and understand that there is A LOT to do in a LITTLE time, when it comes to moving. If you are looking to buy a home near Fort Carson when you get here … Well, you have even MORE on your plate!

One of the questions we hear often, when folks are looking to buy a home near Fort Carson is:

What homes and neighborhoods are near Fort Carson?

Here is a map of the neighborhoods surrounding Fort Carson, and a little bit about the homes for sale near Fort Carson.

Neighborhoods and Homes for Sale near Fort Carson

Fountain Valley

The Fountain CO real estate market and neighborhoods are located to the immediate east of Fort Carson. Fountain area homes are in both brand new neighborhoods as well as in more mature communities. The average home for sale in Fountain CO was $175,000 in 2012, and currently there are over 300 homes for sale to choose from.
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Security and Widefield

The Security and Widefield neighborhoods are found to the northeast of Fort Carson. Widefield and Security are “technically” in Colorado Springs, but not within city limits. Homes in these areas were built in the from the 1950’s and you can still find new homes being built in these areas today! Homes come in all sizes and have anywhere from 2-5 bedrooms.

There are currently about 200 homes for sale in Security and Widefield, priced from $74,000 – $244,000. Homes that sold in 2012 sold for an average of about $130k.
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Southeast Colorado Springs

Southeast Colorado Springs is home to some of the more affordable 2-3 bedroom homes in the area, with the average sale price in May 2009 of $119,355. Southeast Colorado Springs has several mature neighborhoods AND several newer neighborhoods.

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Stratton Meadows, Stratmoor Hills and Stratmoor Valley

Stratmoor Hills and Stratmoor Valley are located in S/W Colorado Springs. Stratton Meadows is located immediately north of  Fort Carson, off of Hwy 115. Although most of these homes were built in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, there are a few pockets of newer homes in these areas. The average home for sale in these areas are about 3-4 bedrooms and sell for about $135,000

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Broadmoor and S/W Colorado Springs

The Broadmoor area is located in S/W Colorado Springs and to the northwest of Fort Carson. The Broadmoor is home to some of the most expensive homes in Colorado Springs. The average sales price in the Broadmoor area is about $350k, but homes can get into the millions.

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Rock Creek and Turkey Canon

Rock Creek is the area to the immediate west of Fort Carson (across Hwy 115) and home to the Turkey Canon neighborhoods – nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Homes in these areas are fully custom homes on acreage. There are currently 10 homes for sale in Turkey Canon and surrounding areas and they average at about half a million dollars sale price.


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