Pink Playhouse Banned by Local HOA

A homeowner in a Georgia neighborhood is being sued by her local Homeowners Association (HOA) for having a pink wooden playhouse in her backyard. The home owner bought this playhouse for her 4-year old granddaughter and it is currently in her backyard. Apparently the color (pink) is against the HOA guidelines. The home owner thinks this is ridiculous and will be fighting this. Read Full Article Here

HOA restrictions vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. So, if you own a home in a Colorado Springs neighborhood that has an HOA, you will want to take a look at the guidelines before making ANY changes to your property, like putting in a pink playhouse for your granddaughter.

If you are looking to buy a home in Colorado Springs, make sure the HOA guidelines in the area you want will allow for any “projects” or “additions” you will want to make.

Where to find HOA information:

Don’t get caught in a legal battle for not doing your homework!